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3 Ways to Prevent the Spread of Bed Bugs in Public Housing

Stop the spread of bed bugs in public housing with these three steps.

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The Worst Infestation Ever & Advice For Newcomers

Stephen Doggett describes his worst bed bug experience and gives some useful advice for newcomers.

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How much are bed bugs costing you?

How negative are bed bugs on your wallet?

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Bed Bug Insight From A Bed Bug Insider

Stephen Doggett discusses the global bed bug problem and sustainable solutions.

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How to Avoid Bed Bugs in Hotels Altogether

Don’t bring bed bugs home with you from hotels

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The Australian Bed Bug Expert

Meet Stephen Doggett – one of the foremost international leaders on bed bugs.

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The U.S. Bed Bug Market in 2018

Are your beds safe from pests? Here’s a glimpse at the current status of the bed bug market.

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Have you been using an INEFFECTIVE steamer to kill bed bugs?

Download our free infographic that compares key performance indicators across different steamers.

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The Bed Bug Whisperer

Meet the man who knows just about everything when it comes to bed bugs.

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Bed Bugs in the News - June 2018

Read what's new from the Cimex World in June

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